Overcoming phobias shouldn't be a daunting decision. We are passionate about making safe and effective treatment for specific phobias readily available.


Our Mission

The International Phobia Association aims to improve the treatment of specific phobias through the use of technology. We reduce the barriers of seeking treatment by providing trusted and centralised locations for phobia sufferers and by providing specialised training and resources for therapists.

When choosing the right clinic to help beat your phobia, the main things to look for are: resources, specialist treatment and the level of exposure therapy being offered.

With the right treatment, phobias can be beaten.
— Pieter Rossouw, Director and Co-founder, IPA

What We've Achieved

  • IPA is supporting the establishment of Phobia Clinics in major cities across Australia.
  • We've developed a range of resources to treat all of the common phobias.
  • We've developed a suite of Virtual Reality experiences to treat all of the common phobias.
  • Significant press coverage both nationally and internationally.
  • Secured a grant from the NSW Department of Industry.
  • Commenced a randomised controlled trial for our Virtual Reality experience.
  • Established working relationships with major partners including CSIRO and UNSW.