Do you struggle speaking in front of groups of people? Do you find it too stressful to meet new people or clients?

Sydney Phobia Clinic runs three-hour workshops on how to beat your anxiety and speak better in front of others. We are the only public speaking class focusing on managing anxiety with cutting-edge virtual reality experiences.

Our unique insights into anxiety process comes from years of experience in treating specific phobias and other severe anxiety disorders.

Delivered by psychologists with years of experience in treating severe anxiety disorders. The class teaches core skills and knowledge from used in Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT), the gold standard treatment for stress and anxiety.

CBT skills are not just for people suffering from disorders – they are life skills that anyone can use to improve how they cope with stress and anxiety.

$765 for the full 3-hour workshop


Face-to-face instruction from an experienced psychologist, manuals, worksheets, and Virtual Reality experiences to practise your new skills.

Classes run with 1-6 individuals

Fear of Public Speaking

An excessive fear of public speaking may warrant a more intensive treatment program than the 3hr course. We therefore offer an alternative standard 5 session treatment program. This focuses on the same core principles, however consists of a more extensive aproach. 

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