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The International Phobia Association (IPA) is dedicated to improving the accessibility and effectiveness for treatment of specific phobias. We develop and test clinical treatment protocols, useful resources, and clinical training workshops to improve the level of care for individuals suffering from specific phobia.

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We want to create a community of dedicated clinics who are passionate about delivering best-practice, evidence-based treatment to phobia sufferers world-wide. Are you a clinician on the same path, or would you like to be? Let's work together to make sure clients can find you and trust you to deliver the best treatment possible. 

Contact us to discuss this further and visit our flagship clinic: Sydney Phobia Clinic to learn more about how we combined manualised cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) with the latest in virtual reality exposure therapy (VRET).


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Virtual reality exposure is just as effective as traditional forms of exposure therapy when assessed immediately after treatment, a year later and even up to three years after treatment. For example, people who seek treatment for a spider phobia are less likely to avoid spiders, and less likely to feel anxious when they see spiders after virtual reality exposure therapy.
— Rebekah Boynton and Anne Swinbourne, The Conversation

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